Marketing & Communications

Welcome to the home of the Marketing and Communications team! We are a multidisciplinary unit covering marketing strategy, advertising, media relations, website development, graphic design, photography and videography (in collaboration with the Digital Initiatives team), and social media.


Do you need materials for your next college or recruitment event? We have a wide assortment of college-branded totes, pens, lanyards, A-frame signs, backdrop screen, not to mention brochures and flyers for most of our majors and programs.

The merch closet located in the Dean's Office is for the Dean's Office team's use only. Each academic department is now responsible for working with its business manager to submit orders through the Marketing and Communications team. Requests can be submitted via ticket

The University of Arizona logo (the “Block A”)  is a federally registered trademark, which means that there are important rules to follow about when/how you use it. The Block A may only be used in approved logo lockups. Click here for all approved lockups. If you would like to request a Block A lock up, contact Cynthia Sodari.

If you would like to request a “logo” for your program or project (also called a “Secondary Design Mark”), these must be created and approved in collaboration with the Creative Services Manager, Cynthia Sodari. Secondary Design Marks in violation of Brand guidelines will be retired.

The university has an easy-to-use tool for uniform email signatures. Use the email generator, then copy and paste to your email client of choice.

Don’t forget about adding alternate text for images present in your email signatures. We’re happy to talk more with you if needed.

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