Workplace Safety

CAPS services are available to all enrolled University of Arizona students.

Please notify the Dean of Students Office if you know of a student having difficulties who may benefit from Student Assistance. Link

To help clarify the difference between disruptive and threatening behavior and the course of action to take with either behavior, the Dean of Students Office offers the following guidelines

University of Arizona students, faculty, staff, and others are encouraged to report students who are struggling with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties or who may be exhibiting worrisome or other concerning behavior.  We will evaluate the report during normal business hours and determine the type of follow-up necessary to address the concerns. 

After the tragic murder of Dr. Thomas Meixner in October 2022, Dean Robert Berry took immediate action by assembling the College of Education Safety Protocol Committee. Dean Berry played a pivotal role in guiding the committee's efforts. Collaborating according to the prescribed framework, the safety committee delivered a comprehensive set of recommendations and enhancements, which are detailed in the safety report and subsequent recommendations.

Safety Report & Recommendations

Working To Promote a Safe Community - Everyone at the University of Arizona has a role to play in preventing campus violence. Quick reporting of troublesome behaviors, escalating conflicts and potentially violent situations is a critical part of the process.

Learn more about available support, action plans and recommendations.

Occasionally a parent, friend, colleague or instructor who is concerned about a student's well-being asks the Dean of Students Office to look into the welfare of a UA student.

Recognizing Signs of Potential Workplace Violence - An active shooter may be a current or former employee or student. If you believe an employee/student is an immediate threat or exhibits potentially violent behavior, call 911.

This guide provides you ready access to UA resources available to you in the event you encounter an emergency situation with a distressed colleague or student. The UA-WPV Prevention & Education Guide is provided to you courtesy of the Division of Human Resources, committed to the safety and well-being of the campus community. 

Evacuation Plan

Circumstances that may require evacuation include power failure, criminal activity, discovery of a suspicious object, fire, or an unexpected release of a hazardous material. Always remain calm and follow the directions given by emergency responders (police or fire department personnel), building managers, or other persons of authority.

COE BLDG #69 Evacuation Plan

Ed North Bldg #444 Evacuation Plan

Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

The University of Arizona Critical Incident Response Team – composed of various campus officials – focuses primarily on the management of situations involving critical incidents on campus. Its involvement is central to the successful implementation of the Campus Emergency Response Plan.

Resources for what to do in case of an emergency

Toxic Waste Exposure

  • Get to the nearest water station/restroom and wash thoroughly
  • Report the Incident to FM ASAP (520-621-3000)
  • Communicate the incident with Michelle Tellez, CoE Bldg. Mgr., so she can work closely with FM
  • Follow the university instructions to report employee/non-employee injury or incident - please see Risk Management Incident Reporting link

Risk Management ncident Reporting

Building Resources

Building Maintenance & Emergencies
All non-emergency requests for building and equipment service should be initiated through Michelle Tellez.
For building emergencies after hours or weekends (plumbing, electrical, etc.), please contact Facilities Management directly at 621-3000.

Building Evacuation & Floor Plans
Follow the Risk Management guidelines to evacuate a building in an emergency situation. 
College of Education, Building 69 on 2nd Steet
Education North, Building 444 on Speedway